FARM Powder In Lotion

It helps to bring up freshness to skin by its sedative function, reducing inflammation, soothe redness and irritation. The product is highly anti-oxidant, whitening and moisturizing. Effectively control excessive sebum excretion and prevent the formation of acne and bacteria. Suitable for sensitive, oily with acne, inflammation skin type and skin after sunburn.

  • Anti-allergic, reduce inflammation, soothe irritation and moisturizing
  • Balance sebum excretion, whitening as well as die away blemish
  • Protect skin with sunburn
  • Improve greasy-looking and easier for putting make-up


After cleansing, shake well FARM Powder In Lotion and apply fully on cotton pad and spread on face gently.

*If inflammation is serious caused by sunburn, should consult professionals before use.