Vice Chairman

Miss Abbie S.K. Chan  BBS.MBA

Miss Abbie S. K. Chan is the co-founder of the Squina International Group, being as the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the company. Miss Chan mainly oversees the administration, human resources management and formulates the Group’s policy. Miss Chan employs her rich experience in the health and beauty industry for strategic planning and for managing the Group so as to achieve a substantial business development and growth.

Miss Chan is a healthy role model. She is the first ambassador of “Healthy Lifestyle” appointed by Watsons. Besides, Miss Chan received “Trendy Public Figure Award” by Guangzhou TV, the “Stylish CEO Award 2004” by《Capital CEO》, the “Best Style CEO” (also with Chairman Lau) by《STYLE Magazine》 in 2004.

As for the professional qualifications, Miss Chan conferred the Life University Fellowship by the International Institute of Management. Besides, she awarded the “HR Driver” in the Asia Pacific Business Excellence STandard (APBEST) Award 2010 organized by the APBEST Academy due to her outstanding management.

Currently, Miss Chan is the Chairman of Po Leung Kuk and also the Vice Chairman of the “Loving Heart Volunteer Team” which was founded by the Group. She is actively involved in many different charity works and regularly sponsor healthcare seminars organized by the Hospital Authority. Miss Chan leads the voluntary team members to participate in different voluntary services, like home visits for the elderly and also make donation to charity organizations such as Po Leung Kuk. During the SARS period in 2003, Chairman Lau and Miss Chan donated money and health food products to the frontline health professionals for strengthening their immunity to fight against the battle.

Apart from Miss Chan’s busy life to work for the Group, she concerns a quality lifestyle as she believes that one should possess good health for facing any challenges. She loves travelling for undergoing different life experiences. Besides, she is keen on different kinds of sports such as ice-skiing, wakeboarding, parachuting and golfing. On the other hand, Miss Chan is a wine tasting expert and owns her household wine cellar. She even writes articles in the popular 《Wine Now》magazine to share her thoughts of wine and food tasting.