FACIALIST Sebum Finish(2g&2ml / x 5sets / x 10sets)

The set is a “3-steps” black head removal mask.
Step 1: soften black head
Step 2: penetrate into pores for deep cleansing
Step 3: reduce inflammation and restore hydration


  • Soften skin and pores, easier for dirts removal
  • Reduce inflammation, anti-allergic and sedative
  • Effective for acne and black head removal
  • Prevent accumulation of free radicals in pores which may lead to black head
  • Improve coarse skin; restore shiny and silky skin
  • Apply Sebum Finish I on cotton pads and cover on black head area, leave for 1 min and use tissue to wipe off gently
  • Then, use fingertip to put generous amount of Sebum Finish II and cover on black head area until the mask is dried up. Peel off the mask from top-down and rinse with water
  • Final step to apply Sebum Finish III on cotton pads and spread on face at affected area for pore refining
  • Use 2-3 times at first week; then down to 1-2 times in second week
  • After black head removal, suggest to use FACIALIST Firming Base & Clear to prevent pore enlargement and clogging of black head