FACIALIST Clarifying Veil(6ml / x 5 set / x 10sets)

The superfine moisturizing essence – “Trehalose”, helps instantly relieving the eye tiredness, tighten up the skin of eye area. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid is able to input moisture and nutrients for eyes. Effectively retract wrinkle, especially crow’s feet wrinkle; reduce dark circle, eye bag and tackle dropsy eye problem.

  • High concentration of Trehalose forms good protection for the eye
  • Activate skin cells
  • Reduce wrinkle by intensive moisturizing
  • Diminish the formation of acne on eye area


  • Apply 3/4 bottle of FACIALIST Clarifying Veil Essence on 2pcs of FACIALIST Clarifying Veil Essence Sheet, cover them on eye area and strain the sheets firmly on skin
  • Then, apply the remaining 1/4 bottle of essence on the sheets which already covered on eyes, leave for 5-10 mins or until eye mask is dried up
  • Suggest use daily for those having eye bag problem
  • For ordinary skin type, use once/twice a week