FACIALIST Skin Eraser(12g / x 5pcs / x 10pcs)

The multi cleansing agents which able to exfoliate dead cuticle, promoting a silky and shiny skin. The skin turns absorptive to moisture and nutrients. The product is mild and calm which is suitable for all skin type, especially for those who are not suitable for skin exfoliation products.


  • Soften and purify cuticle which promote shiny skin
  • Prevent loss of skin moisture
  • Restore skin cells and improve skin’s elasticity
  • Enhance metabolism and blood circulation
  • Uplift skin’s absorption power for nutrients and its detoxification function
  • After cleansing, apply generous amount of FACIALIST Skin Eraser on coarse skin
  • Leave for 5-10 mins until the mask is dried up to 80%. Use fingertip to gently peel off the mask
  • Use once/twice a week