FACIALIST Perfect Program 14(3ml x 14sets / 17sets)

Enriched with skin regeneration element AHA, instantly regulate metabolism and activate skin cells. Die away blemish and skin turns shiny and translucent. Together with the exclusive ingredient – Squalane extract, NMF natural moisturizing factor and various natural hydrating essence, which help to repair, soothe skin and smooth away freckles. Suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Diminish dead cuticle for reviving skin texture
  • Instantly hinder the formation of black blemish by enhancing metabolism
  • Skin firming, restore skin’s elasticity and hydration
  • Balance moisturizing function of cuticle cell
  • After cleansing and applying conditioner and essence, spread half bottle of FACIALIST Perfect Program 14 on face, then apply cream
  • Suitable for use at all seasons