Mrs. Angel S.P. Chan Lau  BBS JP

Mrs. Angel S. P. Chan Lau is one of the founder of the Squina International Group. She is also the Chairman of the Squina Communications Ltd., Director of the Squina Eu-Health Centre and Supervisor of the Squina International College.

Chairman Lau has devoted to the health and beauty industry for over 30 years. Her notion of promoting “Good Health” to general public headed to the foundation of Squina. She was the pioneer to import Shark Capsule, natural health food and natural skincare products to Hong Kong. Subsequently, the Group also developed health assessment , facial and body slimming services for well-being. With the continuous support by customers, the natural health food series keep its best selling record and leading position in the market. Chairman Lau is the leader for bringing up the concept of naturopathy to the industry. Thus, Squina’s prime quality natural health food is purely natural, safe and highly-efficient products for maintaining good health. Furthermore, Chairman Lau has also made great efforts for promoting primary healthcare and illness prevention, especially to those urban dwellers.

Besides, as for promoting primary healthcare to the community, Chairman Lau kindly sponsored over 50 healthcare seminars for the Hospital Authority. In 2008, she donated to support the overall development of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and established the “Squina International Centre for Infection Control.” Furthermore, she also donated for the HKU Space Community College, PLK and established the “Squina Food and Nutritional Science Laboratory” and “Squina Health and Product Teaching Room” for students’ academic development on healthcare professions.

Being a conscious corporate citizen, Chairman Lau upholds a strong belief that “What comes from the community, to be used for the community”. She was the Chairman of Po Leung Kuk (PLK) in 2007-08 and over the past ten years, she donated over HK60 million for establishing many different community and education units. They include: PLK Lau Chan Siu Po District Elderly Centre, PLK Lau Chan Siu Po Elderly Centre (Fai Wah House), PLK Lau Chan Siu Po Elderly Centre (Lap Wah House), PLK Lau Chan Siu Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, PLK Lau Chan Siu Po Kindergarten, PLK Lau Chan Siu Po English Learning Centre, PLK Lau Chan Siu Po Family and Children Integrated Services Centre, PLK Laws Foundation College Library, PLK Tang Yuk Tien College Lau Chan Siu Po Library and Angel S. P. Chan Lau Academic Floor of the HKU Space Community College, PLK.

Guided by the motto of “Honour the aged of your family as we honour our own”. Chairman Lau and Vice Chairman – Miss Abbie Chan founded the “SQUINA Loving Heart Voluntary Team” in 2007 and encourage staff to join for the volunteer services, especially for the elderly. In 2008, the team developed as “Loving Heart Nursing Voluntary Team” and “Loving Heart Nursing Student Voluntary Team”. There are altogether over 700 members and served nearly 50,000 elderly. The “SQUINA Loving Heart Foundation” supported and partnered with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to provide free comprehensive eye check service for over 1,000 elderly. The contributions that made by Chairman Lau and also the team had led Squina be awarded as “Caring Company” since 2007.

Chairman Lau implemented the”5-S Methodology”as for a consolidated management and orderly working environment. Furthermore, Squina Health and Beauty Centre has obtained “ISO9001:2008” in 2009 and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS Q 9001:2008) in 2010 in ascertain the Centre is managed by total quality management and of high standard of service.

Squina awarded the “Best Health and Beauty Business in Asia-Pacific” in the Asia Pacific Business Excellence STandard (APBEST) Award 2010 organized by the APBEST Academy due to the outstanding management of the Group. In the Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Award, SQUINA has been awarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement Grand Prize” for 19 consecutive years. Besides, the high quality customer service has led the Group be awarded the “Professional Customer Service Grand Prize”. The company is also awarded as “Brand-with-a-Conscience Award” by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, and “Hong Kong and Macau Merchants of Integrity Award” by the Guangzhou Daily. All the above have proved that Squina’s services, quality of products and selling are leading in market.

With Chairman Lau’s great efforts made to her business and also her continuous contributions to the community, she is given a title as “Successful Female CEO”. In 2000, she received the “Working Class Emperor” by《Capital》;the “Montblanc Outstanding Business Ladies Award” in 2002; the “Best Style CEO” (also with Miss Abbie Chan) by《STYLE Magazine》in 2004 and also the “Outstanding CEO Award 2004” by《Capital CEO》. In December 2010, Chairmen Lau awarded the “Capital Leaders of Excellence 2010” by《Capital》.

Chairman Lau works for other fields for the community, such as Consultant of Yan Oi Tong, Hubei Province Political Consultative Committee Member, Standing Director of the China Federation of Returned Overseas Youth Committee, Committee Vice-Chairlady of Bone Health Foundation under the University of Hong Kong, Founding Committee Member of the “Friends of the Action for Vision” under the Action of Vision Foundation. She is also the Hong Kong Representative of the All-China Women’s Federation and Honorary Founder Chair of the Asia Pacific Business Excellence STandard (APBEST) Academy.

In addition, Chairman Lau also certificated as Doctor of Medicina Naturalis TM of World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners (WONMP), Honorary Consultant of the WONMP and University Fellowship of the International Institute of Management. She is being as Assistant Professor for the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

According to the great contributions to various categories of society over these years, Chairman Lau honoured the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and authorized as JP and awarded as “Social Responsibility Driver” in the Asia Pacific Business Excellence STandard (APBEST) Award 2010.