FACIALIST Treatment Masser(230g)

The high quality FACIALIST Treatment Masser is prefect match with Squina’s exclusive Japanese Acupressure Massage Facial Treatment. Acupressure is able to let the Squalane extract and other nutrients penetrating deeply into skin. Effectively enhance blood and lymph circulation by massaging acupuncture points of the whole body. By purifying toxins, the body and skin would become rejuvenated.


  • Repair skin cells and regulate cuticle layer
  • Remove dead cells from bottom layer of skin by enhancing metabolism
  • Anti-aging by enhancing and activating skin cells
  • Control excessive sebum excretion, replenish skin moisture
  • Strong penetrating power for deep moisturizing
  • Best to match up with SQUINA Japanese Acupressure Massage Facial Treatment
  • For general massage: after cleansing, apply generous amount on face and massage in circular motion for 3 mins
  • For ordinary skin: use twice a week
  • For dry skin: use daily