FACIALIST Acne Vital Lotion(100ml)

The exclusive element – sorbitol fermenting polysaccharide, helps to balance oil and moisture on skin. Regulate cuticle layer which is sedative and able to soothe redness, reduce inflammation, moisturize, activate cells and whitening. Suitable for acne skin type as for conditioner.


  • Control excessive sebum excretion, prevent pore clogging with toxins
  • Control the reproduction of Propionibacterium acne and Staphylococcus aureus
  • Regulate cuticle layer; smooth away skin imperfection
  • Highly moisturized, instantly disinfect and soothe redness
  • Enhance skin’s resistance to bacteria and self-healing power
  • After cleansing, pump generous amount on cotton pad and spread on face
  • Apply once for day and night
  • For acne skin type: can use as conditioner