SQUINA “Loving Heart” Voluntary Team

There is a Chinese motto – “Honour the aged of your family as we honour our own”. Mrs. Angel S. P. Chan Lau, BBS, JP, Chairman and CEO of the Squina International Group, founded the SQUINA “Loving Heart” Voluntary Team in 2007 simply because of this philosophy. The team mainly serves elderly of our community.

At the initial stage, the team is formed by staff of the Group and their family members to serve those in need. Since then, the Team actively organize and promote different kinds of services for the elderly such as home visit, health assessments’, bone density check, head massage, organize eye-care and health talks, as well as presenting gift packs to elderly. The team has been serving the community on a regular basis.

The team has later form a – “Loving Heart Nursing Voluntary Team” and “Loving Heart Nursing Students Voluntary Team”. There are altogether few hundred volunteers join the teams within months. These professional volunteers use their health knowledge and skills to serve the elderly. Chairman Lau is targeting to recruit volunteers up to 1,000 members in the near future.

If you are interested to know more about us, please visit www.lovingheart.org.hk

Enquiry Hotline:(852) 2881 5512