With 4 shiny powder particles:
‧ Pink tone particles – create healthy blush
‧ Purple tone particles – remove dull complexion
‧ Green tone particles – cover redness and acne
‧ Light gold tone particles – improve skin brightness


  • UV blocking to prevent water evaporation
  • Prevent spots and freckles
  • Clear free radical, achieve antioxidant and repair skin condition
  • Contains natural ingredients with a combination of 4 shiny powder particles
  • Comprehensive for different skin types
  • Adjust uneven skin tone, with natural glow
  • Create sheer  layer that can balance oil and maintain long lasting makeup
  • Use after moisturizing cream, apply pea-sized amount and tip on forehead, cheek, nose, lower jaw, and spread on face evenly. It can also use as foundation base before make-up
  • Re-apply on 2-3 hours interval under sun exposure
  • Shake well before use