SQUINA Whitening Essence(30ml)

The valuable natural Vitamin C, botanic placenta extract and squalane extract effectively helps control the formation of melanin on skincare surface and increase metabolism to break down the melanin. Leaving the skin look shine and translucent. It also helps pore firming. With long term usage, it can restore skin’s elasticity and moisture. It is suitable for all skin type and can apply to sensitive area such the eye.


Instantly penetrate into skin with quick action on decomposing and effectively control the formation of melanin. Highly hydrating which can apply on eye area and sensitive skin. Good for reducing pores and rejuvenate skin.

  • Put some Essence on palm and apply on face, massage until completely absorbed
  • For oily skin: in spring and summer, no need to use in conjunction with other products
  • For normal to dry, dehydrating, sensitive, skin peeling and extreme dry skin: use in conjunction with SQUINA Repair Essence for better result
  • SQUINA ConditionerI, SQUINA Moisture Conditioner C and SQUNA Repair Essence should be used before this product