SQUINA Cleansing Foam/ Cleansing Foam C(100g)

Squalane extract and natural cleansing agents can go deep into pores and skin, to remove free radicals, dirt and cuticle. Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate, working with mucopolysaccharide and collagen, can lock moisture and nutrients while cleansing. Lactic acid extract can strengthen the hydrating power and softness of skin; Vitamin E is effective in moisturizing and whitening skin.


Perfectly cleanse dirt, radicals, cuticles and dead skin on face, at the same time locking up moisture and nutrients, energize cells and strengthen the hydrating power of skin.


  • After the make up removal step by SQUINA Cleansing Oil C, take a small foam in palm and form a thick layer of lather, massage on wet face and rinse with lukewarm water
  • For normal to oily skin: SQUINA Cleansing Foam
  • For dry and sensitive skin: SQUINA Cleansing Foam C
  • For extreme dry skin type, put a drop of SQUINA Beauty Oil into to the foam for better moisturizing result

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  • 榮獲屈臣氏健康美麗大賞「鑽石級健康美麗大獎 – 優質潔膚淨肌產品」