SQUINA Cleansing Oil C(150ml)

Squalane extract, together with Vitamin A and E and natural olive oil, help to soften the cuticle, promote blood circulation, moisturize and whitening skin. Licorice essence can prevent allergy and soothe inflammation. The product is suitable for all skin type.


The hydrophilic cleansing oil is efficient to remove all make up and even eye make up.


  • For normal, dry and sensitive skin: take 3 pumps in palm, apply on face and massage gently. Wash with water, wipe with tissue if make up has put on.
  • For normal and oily skin: take 3 pumps on cleansing sponge, rub until turning into white colour, then apply on face to remove make up
  • For eye and lip make up, leave the cleansing oil on for half a minute to dissolve the make up before washing with water
  • Suggest to use SQUINA Cleansing Foam/ Cleansing Foam C after this