Squina Collagen Lifting Eye Mask(10pcs)

Revitalize and regenerate the skin around the eyes, rediscovering youthful and radiant eyes! Blending 9 exquisite beauty ingredients, it restructures the delicate skin of the eye area, comprehensively targeting wrinkles, fine lines, and laughter lines. It simultaneously combats sagging, dark circles, dullness, puffiness, and other signs of aging around the eyes, thoroughly revitalizing the skin around the eyes and restoring smoothness and firmness, revealing youthful and captivating eyes. Its perfectly tailored design adheres closely to the eye area, allowing the highly effective ingredients to penetrate the skin rapidly for repair.

  • Intensely focus on and tighten collagen protein to smooth the texture around the eyes, reshape the three-dimensional contour, and restore firmness and elasticity.
  • Deeply hydrate and moisturize, reconstruct the moisturizing layer of the skin around the eyes, and repair the protective barrier.
  • Promote blood circulation and metabolism, regulate the skin’s renewal cycle, and continuously combat eye bags and dark circles.
  • Inhibit melanin production, diminish dullness, brighten the skin tone around the eyes, and restore a translucent and radiant appearance.


  • Take the eye mask out of the packaging and place it along the eye socket, covering the area under both eyes. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes until the ingredients are fully absorbed, then remove. You can apply eye serum and eye cream as needed.
  • The eye mask can also be used on the laugh lines on the face.
  • It is recommended to use it daily.