SQUINA Moisture Milk C(60ml)

Various natural hydrating essence, including hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate, sorbinose, beet extract, jojoba oil, mucopolysaccharides and licorice extract, together with the squalane extract, the product penetrates deeply into the skin derma and prevent oxidation. Replenish moisture and nutrients, making the soft and refresh. Suitable for all skin type, including sensitive skin as it is anti-allergic.

Replenish moisture and nutrients, restore skin condition, leaving skin soft and elastic, to meet the basic hydrating needs.

  • Day: apply evenly on face after skin conditioner
  • Night: use in conjunction with SQUINA Moisture Cream C and SQUINA Beauty Oil for better hydrating result. Skin will appear translucent, rejuvenated, and would be easier to put on make up