SQUINA Repair Essence(30ml)

Improve skin’s self-healing power with the presence of squalane extract, collagen, elastin essence, peptides, placenta extract, hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaccharides, etc. Replenish oxygen and skin cell with nutrients so as to prevent and improve aging problem. It contains Amino Acid Beta, can prevent skin allergic and suitable for all skin type including eye area.


Rebuild skin structure, immediately revive skin elasticity and enhance skin sebum function. Strengthen the power of self-healing, go deep into derma layer for repairing and fortify the elastic and collagen fiber.

  • Put some essence on palm and apply on face, massage until fully absorbed
  • Increase massaging and patting on eye, lip and loosing area
  • Use in comp with SQUINA Whitening Essence for better result
  • SQUINA Conditioner I or II, Moisture Conditioner C and SQUINA Whitening Essence should be used before this product

The winner of the following prize:

  • 榮獲屈臣氏健康美麗大賞「鑽石級健康美麗大獎 – 優質全效修護精華」