SQUINA Beauty Oil(50ml)

All round essence, with astonishing permeability which able to penetrate into 2cm of the skin within a second and to fill the derma skin cells and capillaries in one minute. Beauty Oil helps bring vital oxygen and nutrients to your skin and effectively remove free radicals.

Massage gently on skin, the non-sticky oil base nutrients can nourish the skin quickly, improving the skin condition and energize cells, restoring the natural elasticity, strengthen the immune system and removing flaws and blemishes. This extraordinary essence has ultra healing effects on lips and hands allergy, minor cuts and swellings, pimples, minor infections, dry skin and skin allergic. It works excellent on various skin problems and will not trigger the defense system of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Utilize the Five excellent attributes of squalane: high permeability, highly active, promote metabolism, easily incorporated into skin and antiseptic power, as the antioxidising nourishing procedure. Eliminating excessive free radicals, relieve stress and re-energizing skin for improving the skin quality.


  • Use after conditioner and moisture cream for anti-oxidizing nourishment
  • Take generous amount to apply and massage lightly on face and neck for a few minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water or wipe with SQUINA Conditioner I/II or SQUINA Moisture Conditioner C
  • For dry skin: Massage every night, or add one drop into lathered SQUINA Cleansing Foam/Cleansing Foam C, or apply at the same time with SQUINA Moisture Conditioner C or massage cream
  • Apply on pimple, mild inflammation or minor cuts to promote healing


  • Apply on whole body as body moisturizer esp. under weather with low humidity
  • Use as hand moisturizer at night
  • Can be used during pregnancy to prevent and remove stretch marks


  • Apply on split ends or dry hair type and massage gently to restore healthy condition


  • Apply day and night to prevent drying and peeling of the lips, leaving your lips moisturized and soft

Make up

  • For dry skin: apply before make up, leave for 15 minutes and then wipe the excessive essence with facial tissue. Put on foundation directly for better result

Scientific Research Reference

  • 《International Journal of Toxicology》proved that Squalane Shark liver oil is safe as for skincare

The winner of the following prize:

  • “Prime Quality Antioxidant Skincare Product” Diamond Grand Prize of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award