SQUINA Super S.O.D.(60/30packs)

Main Ingredients:

Red Wine Extract(without alcohol), Royal Jelly, Natural Vitamin C & E



Harvard University Proved:
Prolong lifespan and Maintain Youth#

SQUINA Super Oxide Dismutase SOD consists of four renowned natural antioxidants, which acts synergistically to form a regenerative anti-oxidizing network, and activates the antioxidant enzymes in the human bodies. Compare with the existing single antioxidant supplement, the fascinating combination of SQUINA SOD promotes 100 times anti-oxidative power and removes free radicals continuously for protecting the body’s cells free from radical damage, so as to maintain youth and health.


The functions of ingredient are proved by Harvard University#. It promotes heart and stomach health, improves sleeping quality and skin conditions such as whitening and skin texture. It is definitely the best choice for anti-oxidation, anti-aging and health promotion!


The Best Antioxidant and Beauty Health Food Product *

Stress, air pollutant, UV, and radiation would lead a surge of free radicals in the body. Research pointed out that, near 90% of health problems are caused by imbalance of free radicals. Hence, SQUINA Super Oxide Dismutase SOD. is your best way to tackle the free radicals, prevent aging and disease to stay young and healthy.


*Awarded “the Best Antioxidant and Beauty Health Food Product” Grand Prize of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award

  • Reduces visceral fat and toxic
  • Improve sleeping quality and insomnia
  • Clear free radicals, protect organs(especially heart), and anti-aging
  • Skin whitening, reduces blackhead, enhances hair vitality
  • Improve gastrointestinal health and digestion
  • Alleviate excressive water problems, enhance colon detox, fat burns and keep fit
  • Strengthen liver function, accelerate alcohol metabolism
  • Activate cell, promote myocardial and brain health
  • Maintain healthy lipid level, promote vascular health
  • Enhance immunity and physical fitness


  • SQUINA Super Oxide Dismutase SOD is safe and reliable.
  • Recommended daily dosage for general health being: Adult: 2-4 packs, children: 1-2 packs. Adjust dosage to personal needs.

Anti-aging and Promote Cardiovascular Health

Prof Robert Ko., from Hong Kong well known Science University’s research proved that, SQUINA Super Oxide Dismutase SOD enhances mitochondria antioxidant status, prevents cell necrosis caused by free radicals, which is an effective antioxidant for heart protection. Research from Harvard University also shown that, SOD is capable of activating the anti-aging gene Sir2, which can extend 60% of cell life, boost up metabolism and defend body youth. #


Improve Gastrointestinal Health

International research proved that, SOD promotes the growth of intestinal probiotics and digestive enzyme, thereby improving gastrointestinal health, digestion, and detoxification.


Improve Sleep Quality

SOD stimulates the action of melatonin. Research proved that, it decreases sleep onset latency and improves overall sleeping quality effectively.



Recommendation by Health Expert

Doctor of Medical and Pharmacy in Japan, Dr. Nishikawa
SOD balances free radicals and anti-aging, research proved that, the main ingredients present the all-rounded functions in protecting stomach, blood vessel and anti-aging.

The winner of the following prizes:

  • The Only brand rewarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement” Grand Prize of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award for many consecutive years
  • Watson’s “Best Antioxidant Skincare Health Food Product” Grand Prize
  • Watson’s “Prime Quality Health Food for Skin Whitening” Grand Prize
  • FnB Magazine “Nutritional Food for Perfect Skin Outstanding Award”
  • 《TVBWeekly》“The Best Brand Awards 2010” awarded the “The Best Quality Heart and Liver Protection Health Food Brand”