SQUINA Bone Essence Plus(90 capsules)

Main Ingredients:

Sulfate Chondroitin and Protein-Complex S.C.P., Casein Phosphopeptide (C.P.P.), Natural Soy Isoflavone, Natural Calcium and Magnesium



Patents Awarded: Improve Calcium Absorption and Strengthen Bone

It is a unique formula with Japanese, USA, and European patents award, and it combines of 5 natural bone-strengthening nutrients, which acts synergistically to enhance bone and joint health. Scientific researches proved that, it increases calcium absorption rate by 4 times, promotes osteogensis, increases bone mineral density, and reduces bone loss effectively.


Improve Joint Health, Increase Flexibility

Moreover, it also helps to protect joint. Its unique patented active component-pentapeptide YLDNY, is effective in balancing uric acid and alleviating joint health problems, which is the best choice of health supplement for whom concern with bone and joint health!

  • Lock calcium, increase calcium absorption rate by 4 times
  • Promote osteogensis, prevent bone loss
  • Maintain bone and teeth health, strengthen bone
  • Alleviate bone loss in elderly and menopausal people
  • Strengthen and repair cartilage, smooth joint
  • Reduce and prevent high uric acid level, improve joint health problem and chronic diseases


  • SQUINA Bone Essence Plus is safe and reliable.
  • Recommended daily dosage for general health being: Adult: 6-13 tablets. Adjust dosage to personal needs.

Increase Bone Density

International research proved that, the formula enhances calcium absorption in small intestine, increases calcium absorption rate by 4 times, and increases the preserving ability of calcium in bones by 3 times, which helps in osteogensis. Furthermore, clinical research proved that the active ingredients have beneficial effects on bone metabolism, and reduce bone loss (including preventing the reduction of femur bone density in elderly, lumbar spine bone density in menopausal women, and etc.). Thus, the formula strengthens bone health, and alleviates bone loss effectively.


Protect Joint, Balance Uric Acid Level

Research proved that, the patented ingredients control the body’s uric acid level significantly, and protect joint cartilage, reduce joint pain and inflammation symptoms.


Improve General Health

It also helps in against menopausal discomfort, and maintains cardiovascular health.



Recommendation by Health Expert

Doctor of Medical and Pharmacy in Japan, Dr. Nishikawa
Scientific research proved that, the formula’s ingredients could promote calcium absorption, strength bone, and alleviate symptoms caused by bone loss.

The winner of the following prizes:

  • The Only brand rewarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement” Grand Prize of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award for many consecutive years
  • Countries including the United States, Japan and EU patents award