SQUINA Diacylglyceryl Ether (DAGE)(100/50capsules)

Main Ingredients:

Refined Shark Liver Oil DAGE (AKGs)



Strengthen Immune System, Anti-Chronic Disease

DAGE is extracted from shark livers, and it is also a natural substance that can be found in human immune organs. University research proved that, it rejuvenates immune system, activates both innate and adaptive immunity, which helps to against chronic disease. It also helps in shorten the recovery time and is an essential nutrient for improving general health.


Protect from Radiation, Unique “Oral Sunscreen

It helps to protect the healthy cells from the damages caused by radiation, which facilitates in diminishing the side effects by radiotherapy, and from daily radiation (e.g.: computer, smart phone). Clinical research proved that, it works great in oral skin protection against harmful UV, and prevents UV-induced wrinkles and freckles, which is the “Prime Quality Natural Health Food”* for city dwellers.


*Awarded“Prime Quality Natural Health Food” Gold Prize of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award

  • Stimulate effect on both innate and adaptive immunity, help in anti-bacterial
  • Improve autoimmune health problems
  • Reduce cell growth of chronic disease
  • Alleviate side effects of radiotherapy, help in better recovery and increase survival rate of patients
  • Promote skin health and relieve allergic symptoms of skin
  • Relieve tracheal allergic symptoms
  • Promote hematopoiesis and wound healing
  • Oral skin protection against harmful UV, prevent wrinkles and freckles


  • SQUINA Diacylglyceryl Ether (DAGE) is safe and reliable.
  • Recommended daily dosage for general health being: Adult: 3-6 capsules; children: 1-4 capsules. Adjust dosage to personal needs.

Enhance Immunity

University research proved that, SQUINA Diacylglyceryl Ether (DAGE) enhances the activity of white blood cell(including macrophages and NK cells), stimulates effect on both innate and adaptive immunity, playing an important role in against microbial/viral infections, which helps to relive flu or other infection symptoms, and it is also recommended to the patients suffering from atopic dermatitis problem.


Anti-Chronic Disease

Prof Robert Ko (from a Famous Hong Kong Science University), his research proved that, SQUINA Diacylglyceryl Ether (DAGE) suppresses the growth of over-active cells and reduces their relative weight up to 70%. Furthermore, international research proved that, DAGE(AKGs) works great on anti-chronic disease, and reduces the damages caused by radiotherapy by 60%, which helps in fasten recovery time and lower the mortality rate.


Anti-Radiation, “Oral Sunscreen” against Harmful UV

DAGE(AKGs) products human’s healthy cells can alleviates the damages caused by radiation(e.g.: electromagnetic wave, UV,etc.). Research proved that SQUINA Diacylglyceryl Ether (DAGE) prevents UV- induced skin damage and reduces the formation of wrinkles and freckles, and helps to maintain smooth and fair skin. Therefore, it acts perfectly as an oral sunscreen, which is more effective than topical sunscreen agents.



Recommendation by Health Expert

Doctor of Medical and Pharmacy in Japan, Dr. Nishikawa
DAGE(AKGs) is common to be supplemented to maintain immunity in Northern Europe. It can reduce the side effects of chronic disease treatment, and activiate white blood cells . It helps patients to maintain good immunity and prolong lifespan during treatment of chronic disease as well. Therefore, it is an important nutrient for strengthening bodies’ immune system!

The winner of the following prizes:

  • The Only brand rewarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement” Grand Prize of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award for many consecutive years
  •  “Prime Quality Natural Health Food” Gold Award of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award