SQUINA Anti-Fatigue Anserine(90 capsules)

Main Ingredients:

Anserine, DHA Refined Fish Oil



Ease eye strain and presbyopia, anti-fatigue

Clinical studies proved that the ingredients effectively strengthen the eye muscles, ease eye strain and presbyopia and enhance visual focus. The product also relieves muscle fatigue, shoulder and neck pain, irritability, and pressure, improve body flexibility, enhance muscle power, endurance and athletic performance. The intelligent marine peptide extract can quickly trace and directly access to the fatigue location, playing a superior anti-fatigue effect. Moreover, it is internationally recognized as an essential and safe nutrient for urbanites to resist fatigue and maintain eye health.


94% of working people suffer from muscle fatigue

Massive exposure of electronic devices leads to tight and tired eye muscles and blur vision. In addition, the ability of adjusting visual focus gradually declines with age that contributes to presbyopia. According to a survey, 94% of working people (high-income and professionals as majority) suffer from eye and muscle fatigue, presbyopia, shoulder and neck pain, etc., and have difficulty in recovery even after rest• It is important to reduce physical and mental fatigue and pain in order to restore sufficient energy.


#Anserine is the first approved anti-fatigue functional food in Japan
*Awarded“Best Quality and Best Selling Anti-Fatigue & Eye Health Product Enhancement” Diamond Grand Prize of Watson’s Health & Beauty Award

  • Eliminate physical and mental fatigue, supply energy, alleviate neck and shoulder pain, back stiffness
  • Enhance visual focus; reduce presbyopia, eye tiredness and strains
  • Reduce blurred, shaky and double vision
  • Improve memory and cognition, and relieve stress
  • Trigger explosive power, enhance muscle endurance, and improve athletic performance
  • Increase tendon flexibility, strengthen bone, and help to prevent sport injuries
  • Reduce visceral fat accumulation, and promote fat burning
  • Facilitate iron absorption, good for blood synthesis, body wellness and beauty
  • Balance autonomic nervous system, improve immunity and digestive function
  • Improve metabolism, balance uric acid level
  • Eliminate free radicals, anti-aging, and maintain health
  • Against dark spots, wrinkles,loose skin, and stay young


  • SQUINA Anti-Fatigue Anserine is safe and reliable.
  • Recommended daily dosage for general health being: Adult: 6-16 capsules. Adjust dosage to personal needs.


International clinical research proved that SQUINA Anti-Fatigue Anserine, diminishes fatigue and stress factors. Besides, its ingredients eliminate lactic acid that is produced during exercise, enhances muscle endurance and triggers explosive power, which helps to improve athletic performance! Furthermore, studies proved that, it protects tendon and muscle from oxidation, facilitates to reduce sports injuries.


Relive Eye Strain, Reduce Presbyopia

Clinical studies in Japan have proven that, SQUINA Anti-Fatigue Anserine reduces blurred, shaky and double vision, enhances visual focus, and reduces presbyopia significantly!


Improve General Health

Researches proved that, SQUINA Anti-Fatigue Anserine reduces visceral fat, promotes fat burning. Its ingredients also help to balance uric acid level.



Recommendation by Health Expert

Doctor of Medical and Pharmacy in Japan, Dr. Nishikawa
The formulated anserine against fatigue effectively. Clinical research proved that, it improves athletic performance, relives eye strain and other health problems significantly.

The winner of the following prizes:

  • The Only brand rewarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement” Grand Prize of Watson’s Health & Beauty Award for many consecutive years
  • “Best Quality and Best Selling Anti-Fatigue & Eye Health Product Enhancement” Diamond Grand Prize of Watson’s Health & Beauty Award