SQUINA Hyaluronic Collagen Pills(100/50 capsules)

Main Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid Protein Complex (HCP), Fish Collagen Peptides, Sulfate Chondroitin and Protein-Complex S.C.P.



Distinct Patented Formula for Flawless Skin

SQUINA Hyaluronic Collagen Pills is an unique triple formula, invented by a group of Japanese health and beauty experts through years of researches. The signature ingredients have received the Japanese, USA, and European patents award. The active peptide ingredients are nourishing (able to lock up to 6,000 times of water) and absorbs quickly into skin cell for long-lasting hydration. Clinical research proved its outstanding results in lightening pigments with whitening effect. It also works for refining pores, smoothing skin texture and boosting skin natural radiance and elasticity.


Best-Selling Healthy Skin Care Product *

Human body contains 70% of water, which is the deciding element for staying healthy. SQUINA Hyaluronic Collagen Pills deeply delivers moisture and nutrients and removes wastes throughout various part of body. SQUINA Hyaluronic Collagen Pills is the secret to keep your crystal clear skin and health perfection.


*Awarded “Best Quality and Best Selling Healthy Skin Care Product Enhancement” Diamond Grand Prize of Watson’s Health & Beauty Award

  • Moisturize skin, inhibit skin dryness
  • Improve skin allergic symptoms
  • Enhance skin elasticity and collagen production
  • Refine pores, reduce wrinkles
  • Promote skin reproduction and self-healing function, weaken the pigments
  • Improve skin dullness, make skin translucent and smooth
  • Balance oil secretion, prevent pimples
  • Maintain joint health and increase joint flexibility
  • Promote lung and eye health, reduce trachea health problems, prevents eye dryness
  • Relive the feeling of premenstrual discomfort by promoting the function of women’s organs


  • SQUINA Hyaluronic Collagen Pills is safe and reliable.
  • Recommended daily dosage for general health being: Adult: 4-10 tablets, children: 1-4 tablets. Adjust dosage to personal needs.

The Secret of Keeping Young

Collagen is the key to anti-aging. However, the loss of proteins like collagen is an unavoidable part throughout the aging process. This patented formula was proven to enhance protease inhibitor activity so as to prevent protein decomposition, hence increases skin water-restoring ability. Besides, international research concluded that, it enhances collagen synthesis and skin self-healing function, also able to against the damage from sunlight UV-B, which can cause the problems of skin dryness, aging and collagen-loss.


Clinical research proven


Improve General Health

The unique patented ingredients protect cartilage and balance uric level, which help to improve joint health. Besides, they enhance water-restoring ability, promote blood circulation, and maintain general health as well.


Recommendation by Health Expert

Prof. Robert Ko (From A Famous Hong Kong Science University)
Research showed that, formula’s ingredients can be absorbed by intestine and penetrate to skin layer, demonstrating multiple beneficial effects on skin health.

The winner of the following prizes:

  • The Only brand rewarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement” Grand Prize of Watson’s Health & Beauty Award for many consecutive years
  • “Best Quality and Best Selling Healthy Skin Care Product Enhancement” Diamond Grand Prize of Watson’s Health & Beauty Award
  • Countries including the United States, Japan and EU patents award