Concentrate+ Cream(37克)

Starting from anti-aging, combating dryness, and providing the skin with moisture and nourishment, it tightens and plumps the skin.

Carefully selected beauty ingredients that regulate the skin’s rhythm during the day are added. These include unique extracts from Western grafting bones, a blend of two types of rice-derived extracts, encapsulated three types of ceramide-like ingredients, and liquid crystal emulsification technology, all of which achieve skin tightening. It is free from colorants and alcohol and emits a faint, elegant rose fragrance.

  • Fight against cellular aging and address all skin concerns comprehensively
  • Promote cell growth, improve microcirculation, and achieve a radiant and glowing complexion
  • Activate collagen production, smooth out wrinkles, and enhance firmness and elasticity
  • Provide long-lasting hydration and nourishment, possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and restructure the skin texture
  • Strengthen the protective barrier and block environmental damage.


  • After conditioning the skin with toner and serum in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount of beauty cream (equivalent to the size of a soybean) using the accompanying spatula.
  • Apply evenly and gently massage onto the entire face.

The winner of the following prizes:

  • The Only brand rewarded “The Most Outstanding Achievement” Grand Prize of Watson’s Health, Wellness & Beauty Award for many consecutive years