BX Silky Veil(35g)

Its revolutionary formula of ‘smeared Botox’ has 5 major efficacy, which improve skin elasticity andreduce wrinkles and expression lines. It is especially useful for fine lines and wrinkles resulted from aging, UV rays, and dryness. It is a nighttime sleep mask that can be used daily anddoes not need to be cleaned. Used as the last step of skincare routine, it enhances the absorption of other skincare products. After applying it, your skin ismoisturized, refreshing and non-greasy with silky texture.


  • Improves skin problems caused by aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, expression lines, etc.
  • Improves skin firmness, smoothness, softness, moisture. Prevents dryness and dullness
  • Silky Veil Protection Technology’ instantly forms a layer of “silk film” with high sealing function
  • Helps other skincare products’ nutrients to penetrate into the skinmore easily and deeply
  • Fine molecular structure helps to lock nutrients and moisture all night long
  • Prevent nutrients to evaporate, lose and be rubbed off
  • Your skin looks ‘get-enough-sleep’ in the next morning. Firm, elastic, smooth and soft


  • Use as the last step of your skincare routine after toner, essence, serum and cream