CBON SCALP Hair Treatment Series

Perfectly maintain healthy hair & scalp, also benefit on firming facial contours.

C’BON SCALP Shampoo 250ml

  • Clean to remove dirt & grease on scalp
  • Moisturize scalp , maintain hair flexibility , supple, radiant and healthy
  • Prevent dandruff , hair discoloration & itchy scalp
  • Improving scalp skin laxity , prevent aging
  • Smell nice with rich foam

C’BON SCALP Conditioner 250g

  • Nourish scalp to maintain its healthy condition, keep hair smooth like silk
  • Prevent sagging and aging
  • Make hair full of nutrients , repair from damage
  • Keep hair soft,smooth, elastic and glossy
  • Prevent dandruff, hair discoloration & itchy scalp


C’BON SCALP Essence 150ml

  • Promote blood circulation of scalp and hair follicle cell proliferation , prevent hair loss
  • Inhibit the action of male hormones , significant anti-hair loss effect
  • Improve scalp health , moisture and balance scalp oil secretion
  • Inhibit enzyme activity to remove grease , prevent aging scalp
  • Anti bacterial & inflammation , prevent dandruff and itchiness
  • Keep the scalp clean to prevent odor


After the hair is fully wet, remove the amount of shampoo into hands , apply on the hair and scalp , rub the foam while the massage , then rinse the foam

Hair Conditioner
After shampooing , pour the right amount of hair conditioner on your palm, smear on the hair , gently massage the hair and scalp for about 1-2 minutes, then rinse with water .

Use after cleaning hair & before hair styling. Confirm spout direction , close to the head , spray right amount to scalp for 1-2 times. After spray the main five area, rubbing slowly to the entire scalp and gently massage.


* Recommended to use one time each morning and evening .
* Recommended to use after cleaning hair, with half dry or fully fry