BX CONC(35g)

5 great performance, comprehensive interception of large, small wrinkles, expression lines. Revolutionary formula to achieve Botox’s unique effects. Activates the muscle base cells, reorganizes the skin’s circulation cycle; repels the skin’s aging symptoms, continuously enhances the firming effect, and presents a more three-dimensional contour.

  • Relieves skin texture, tightens lines caused by relaxation, and restores smooth texture
  • Stimulate collagen, repair skin’s underlying structure, reshape facial lines
  • Promotes intercellular lipid synthesis, repairs keratinous tissue texture, and softens elasticity
  • Enhance cell metabolic rate, reduce impressions, even and bright complexion
  • Anti-inflammatory, strengthen cell membrane, protect skin from environmental damage such as dryness and UV rays
  • After using “BX Essence Lotion“, press 4-5times essence in palm
  • Apply gently to the face with both hands, and then apply it to the area that is prone to wrinkles.
  • Apply facial cream to your personal needs.