SQA Whitening Powder(Each box = 0.1g x 30 pcs)

The product is a set of lead-in powder enriched with concentrated Vitamin C for skin whitening. Effective for restraining the formation of melanin, black spot and freckle as well as improving skin tone problem especially after sunbathing. Other element such as Liquorice Extract which helps detoxification, anti-bacteria and anti-allergic. And, Aloe Vera Extract is effective for skin moisturizing, removing dead cuticle and curing wounds.

  • Restrain formation of melanin
  • Remove blemish and whiten stagnant melanin
  • Deeply moisturizing for removing dead cuticle and curing wounds
  • Sealed in capsule for preserving its prime quality
  • Mix powder with any water-soluble skincare product, massage cream or oil, follow the direction as indicated for that product
  • Unwrap capsule only before use for optimal result