SQA Vital Firming Eye Mask(6ml x 10)

The product is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which is highly moisturizing for improving dry line, wrinkle, eye bag and eye puffiness as well as enhancing elasticity. And, the Chinese Herbaceous Peony Fluid brightens up skin’s translucency for combating dark eye circle. Other elements such as Rose Water rejuvenates and nurtures skin with moisturizing and firming effect.

Complex with Squalane Extract which enhances blood circulation and activates skin cells for improving dropsy eye. Infused also with Collagen to reconstruct skin’s texture for eye firming by restoring the elasticity.


  • Squalane brings up an instant penetration of nutrients to bottom layer of skin for accelerating blood circulation and reactivating skin cell at eye area
  • Improve dark eye circle to promote bright eye
  • Lift elasticity and vitality for skin firming result
  • Enhance reproduction of collagen for diminishing dark eye circle and fine line
  • Improve eye puffiness and eye bag problems
  • Anti-oxidation for promoting healthy skin cell
  • Highly moisturizing which would not cause sensitive skin reaction to eye area
  • Anti-allergic and soothe skin irritation
  • Apply 2/3 bottle of essence on 2 pieces of eye mask sheets
  • Cover gently on eye and leave for 5-10 mins, then apply the remaining essence on the sheets until dry up
  • For user with eye bag with tiredness: use daily; for general treatment: use 1-2 times a week