Effect: Improve Lymph Detoxification, Skin Firming and Elasticity, Body Shape Lifting and Slimming

Professional beauty advisors, using natural seaweed slimming products, assembled the three main elements of the sea: sea water, mud, seaweed, making effectiveness and more as if exposure to the ocean. Tie in France of famous DEAUVILLE Day Span and its treatments, and a series of France imported high-tech body Instrument, SPA equipment, allow each customer to experience natural and efficient body to enjoy, creating a perfect figure.

Effectiveness of three major slimming elements in Marine Life:

Sea water: Elemental composition identical to the human serum, help drive some organs of the body operate, improve cell to achieve balance. Mineral elements and the water, can also be directly absorbed by the human body, maximizing efficiency.

Mud: Essence absorbed sea water and organic substances, frozen to a temperature of 38 degrees, have analgesic, sedative and relaxing effect, make the skin horny freshmen, nutritional supplements and antibacterial, and heated to a temperature above 38 degrees, can make the blood vessels refreshed, assist the body’s drainage.

Seaweed: Turning toxins into nontoxic substances, their essential elements may improve metabolism, effective detoxification in the body, can tighten skin, achieve significant slim effect and awake tried cells.